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I had been suffering with Perioral Dermatitis for months. I had unsuccessfully tried every cream and steroid cream from my GP made things even worse. I was so unhappy with being literally faced with this problem every day and I couldn’t even wear makeup to cover it up. After talking to Joy, I implemented some simple tweaks of diet and supplements and a few months later my skin has never been clearer

Fresh Green Dip


"Joy has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her passion and enthusiasm are displayed in every single step of the plan. She was incredibly supportive throughout, showing encouragement, offering advice and checking in to see how I was getting on and always willing to answer any questions. Her wealth of knowledge on all things nutrition based is incredible and it’s hard not to be inspired to want to make better choices regarding food when listening to her. She sets everything out in a way that is easy to follow, in steps that make it all manageable. The tasks she sets are achievable, even within the restraints of a busy lifestyle, and they deliver results!"


"Thank you Joy for helping me put myself first. The dietary recommendations Joy made helped my symptoms a lot. I saw a huge reduction in the severity of my symptoms as a result. I was not perfect at this and still have a lot to learn but I'm extremely grateful for Joy for fuelling my desire to learn more about how the body uses food as medicine and hoe inflammatory the western diet in the modern age is."


"Joy helped us with our son who has suffered with bad eczema from the age of 1. Joy put together a comprehensive plan for him, walking us through it patiently so we understood it well. She also made herself available to us if we had any questions or hit bumps in the road. Our son's skin is now noticeably clearer and we are reaping the benefits of it."  


"Joy has helped me to make my health a priority. I was taught how healthy eating can be made as colourful as the rainbow making it anything but boring whilst losing weight at the same time. Joy served as a constant reminder to me that health is a journey and we all need grace along the way. She is such a great encouragement!"


"Thank you so much Joy for starting my new food journey - I'm so much more aware of what I'm putting into my body, through implementing Joy's advice, I have more energy than I've had for a long time and I've started turning my habits around. Thank you so much Joy!"


"Joy was extremely specific & expansive with her knowledge on supplements. I started incorporating all of her recommendations into my daily routine & I instantly starting feeling more alive."

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