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Nutritional Therapy Packages

What's Included?

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current food intake -  7 day Food Diary Assessment

  • Full Health & Medical History to gain greater understanding of your symptoms

  • A Bespoke Nutrition Plan tailored to your needs and preferences

  • Personalised Recipes and Meal Plans to help you achieve your health goals

  • Functional testing assessment and test recommendations (testing not included in price)

  • Customised Supplement plan (10% discount)

  • Carefully selected tried & tested Lifestyle and Exercise recommendations designed to compliment your nutrition and health goals

  • Weekly Calls and Support to track progress and amend your personalised Nutrition plan as needed​

  • Access to your own Nutrition Portal and Downloadable App to review reports, test results, meal plans and to log your food, mood and exercise

  • Unlimited messaging access through your Client Portal (response within 24 hours) for ongoing support and questions

  • Follow up sessions to help keep you on track, motivated and held accountable to achieve your objectives​

During your Free consultation we will discuss your needs and goals and conclude whether the 6 week, 3 month or 6 month package would be more appropriate to help achieve your sustainable health goals.

Ready to transform your health? I am. 

6 Week Package

This package is perfect for those who already have the mindset of a healthy lifestyle but require extra support towards a specific goal or feel as though they have plateaued. We will cover the essentials, and personalise your plan to you.

Stressed? Tired? Frustrated? Inflamed? Looking to feel like yourself again? I’ve got you covered.

1 x Initial Consultation

5 x 30 minute follow up calls

One Payment of £395

Or 2 payments of £197.50

Tofu Salad
Image by Alexander Mils

3 Month Package

This package is ideal for those who require ongoing accountability and encouragement to achieve their health goals. If you've been struggling with a health concern for a while and would benefit from a more in-depth approach to improving your wellbeing, then this package is for you. 

1 x Initial Consultation
1 x 60 minute follow up
10 x 30 minute follow up calls

£270 per month

6 Month Package

This package is perfect for you if you have a long term health concern or recent diagnosis that needs extra attention and support.

If you are fully invested in your health & wellbeing and are ready to see significant changes, then this package is for you. 


1 x Initial Consultation

2 x 60 minute follow up Consultations

20 x 30 minute follow up calls

1 Concierge service (Meal Prep 101, Kitchen Clear Out or An Introduction To Allergen Friendly Cooking) 

£250 per month

Healthy Salad
Acai Bowl

Initial Consultation

A one-off consultation for those who are not sure which Nutrition Package is right for them. 

We will discuss your health goals, and how your Tailored Nutrition plan can help you take a confident step in the right direction. 

This consultation does not include weekly catchup calls or access to messaging. 


1 x Initial Consultation*

One payment of £120

*Requires the booking of a follow up consultation 4 - 6 weeks later

Diet Diary Review

This review is perfect for those who:


  • Are unsure if they're eating a healthy, balanced diet

  • Have already or are considering changing their diet (eg: vegan, vegetarian, Keto) and want to make sure they're doing it safely

  • Have tried healthy eating before but fallen back into old habits ​

  • Would benefit from some support and motivation to making healthy diet and lifestyle changes

  • Are lacking in ideas of what to cook and would benefit from recipe and snack ideas


1 x 30 Minute Phone Call

Full assessment of a 5 Day Food Diary

Tips and pointers of how to improve your diet


One payment of £85

Colorful Food