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How to Heal Your Skin Naturally

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies but often times doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Our skin is closely linked to multiple bodily processes including the Immune System, where it is front and centre in our first line of defence, separating you front infection, pathogens and viruses.

It also plays a MASSIVE part in communicating with us, as I try to drum into my clients - what happens on your skin comes from within.

Our skin can clearly communicate such things as:

- Gut Health

- Immune Health

- Diabetes

- Liver Health

- Cancer

- Allergies

- Hormones

- Thyroid Health

- Bacterial Overgrowths/Yeasts/Parasites

and the list goes on

But is there anything we can do to heal our skin?! The answer is yes!

I have worked with multiple clients with a range of skin issues, from Eczema to Dermatitis, Hives, Rosacea, Ichthyosis, Acne and simply dry skin. With skin issues, there is no where to hide. If they flare, they flare, and usually no amount of makeup can fully cover them up, resulting in clients who feel ashamed, embarrassed, who don't leave the house or for anyone to see their skin like that.

That is where I come in.

I have seen debilitating skin issues, including the ones I have just mentioned heal and disappear. I have seen clients gain their confidence back, their sparkle, their lives back. How you ask?

By doing the internal work.

Say it with me now..... What happens on the skin, comes from within!

So how do I start to heal my clients skin? I look at aspects like their:

- Diet

- Gut Health

- Lifestyle

- Stress Levels

- Work/life balance

- Mould/Damp/Humidity

- Environment/Home Life

- What products they use for example skin care, detergents etc

- Clothing

- Medications

- Mental Health/Mood

- Immune System

and everything in between!

Why do I look at so much in one person? Because everyone on is unique, which means their health is unique, their skin is unique and unfortunately there is never a 'one size fits all' solution.

To one person, their skin could flare as result of a food intolerance and another's could flare because of a moisturiser, or both!

However, as I side line as a Nutritional detective, this is not daunting for me. It is simply in doing the testing or looking for the key signs and symptoms that point in a certain direction.

So with all that to say.......How Do You Heal Your Skin Naturally?

Through all the ways I just mentioned.

There are two key things that I always do with my skin clients on the process to healing their skin, and they are:

  1. An Elimination Diet

  2. A Gut Profile

And here is why...

  1. Skin reactions are predominantly an inflammatory response, caused by something in your body that triggers an Immune reaction. Often times with clients a specific food or food group such as dairy, gluten, wheat, eggs or soy could be causing this, but as I have mentioned previously, every person is different. Depending on the person, we would eliminate foods/groups that would then start to curb the inflammatory response, lessening the skin reaction.

2. A Gut Profile shows me exactly what is going on with your microbiome, digestion and gut. Recent studies show a strong link between skin diseases and an altered gut microbiome. What is happening in our gut, reflects on our skin. Also, over 70% of the Immune System is in our gut and seeing as the majority of skin reactions are an Immune reaction, if we have a lot of imbalance in our gut, it will affect our Immune System negatively resulting in flared skin. It is vital that I know exactly is what is going on within your gut and microbiome to see those long lasting, radiant changes in your skin.

In saying all of this, I stress to my clients, especially the ones with stubborn skin issues that there is hope, and an abundance of it.

Often times they have been through doctor after doctor, dermatologist after dermatologist and steroid cream after steroid cream with very little to no avail. Although some do find an easing of their symptoms from steroids, immune suppressants or biological medications, my want always is to see the full healing, not just a reduction in symptoms.

My ideal for my skin clients is for them to not have to wake up in the morning and worry about their skin, or the medication they have to take. My drive is to get them their healing naturally through working on the body that they were given, because the answers are all there. I have seen it happen before, and I will see it again.

Are you interested in healing your skin? Book your free 15 minute discovery call with me today and we can start discussing how we can make that dream a reality.

To learn more about the Gut Profile click here.

Chat Soon,


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