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Clinical Nutrition Services

I will educate you how to break out of the cycle of pain, inflammation, fatigue or yo-yo dieting in our 1:1 sessions.

I will empower you to make easy but sustainable changes through your bespoke Nutrition, Lifestyle & Supplement plan that will help lead to long-term balance and health. 

I will dig deep through functional testing to help you find the root cause of what is causing your symptoms and help you heal from that place resulting not only in an easing of your symptoms but resolving the underlying issue. 

I will encourage you in our check in calls or follow up appointments to keep going, helping you to stay motivated and supported no matter what life throws at you so that you achieve your health goals.

Ready to find the right package for you?

Nutrition Consultations & Packages

All of my packages are 12 weeks long. Health breakthroughs and changes often happen slowly but powerfully. 3 months of working together allows me to help you in the best way that I can, for us to establish new, sustainable changes that work for you and your lifestyle and to see those pivotal changes start to happen in your body. It also gives us time for functional testing to find the root cause of any imbalance.

Payment plans are always available.

Standard Package

12 Weeks | £300

1 x Initial Consultation

2 x Follow Up Consultations

Ideal for:

Mild symptoms

New & mild skin irritations

Familiar with living a balanced lifestyle

Intermediate Package

12 Weeks | £480

1 x Initial Consultation

2 x Follow Up Consultations

4 x Fortnightly Check In Calls

Ideal for:

Those with moderate symptoms

Stubborn issues that have started recently or in the past few years

 Those with a time goal for weight loss i.e wedding, anniversary etc

Advanced Package

12 Weeks | £840

1 x Initial Consultation

2 x Follow Up Consultations

8 x Weekly Check In Calls

Ideal for:

Those who need extra support & accountability

Severe & debilitating symptoms

Severe & lifelong skin issues

New medical diagnosis of a condition with little to no idea of how to support it

Ready to get started?

Initial Consultation 

60 minutes

  • A comprehensive assessment of your personal and family history, nutrition, eating habits & style, lifestyle, current medications & supplementation, along with body composition measurements & pathology if required through carefully designed intake forms accessed through your online client portal.

  • We will have a detailed discussion about your current health concerns, symptoms, personal goals and anything flagged from your intake forms while I will explain how I believe different aspects of your current dietary and lifestyle choices could be contributing to your symptoms.

  • We will work together to design the best action plan for you going forward, leaving you the space throughout to ask any questions that you may have.

  • Your plan will then be emailed to you within 3 working days.

  • Your bespoke plan includes:

- key nutrition & lifestyle recommendations,

 - supplementation and/or botanical advice,

- functional testing assessment to help dig deep to find your root cause,

- personalised meal plan and recipes

- a variety of helpful handouts that I have adapted throughout my time in clinical practice.​

Follow Up Consultation

45 minutes

  • Follow up consultations are designed for us to regroup, iron out any issues or bumps in the road and examine your progress. This time can also consist of interpreting test results.

  • We will celebrate all of your victories, large or small but also see where we need to improve & what can be changed to best suit you & your goals. 

  • Your progress will increase with every consultation. Healing & balancing the body takes time, but consistency & sustainability are the keys to unlocking permanent long-lasting change.

  • You will receive an updated plan after every follow up consultation.

Check in Call

30 minutes

  • Check in calls give you a more hands on approach & the accountability that will help keep you on track & supported. Depending on which package is the right fit for you, I could be checking in with you either weekly or fortnightly.

  • Starting a nutrition journey can feel overwhelming or maybe you already feel tired from not seeing the breakthrough in your health and need extra support.

  • These calls are what they say on the tin, they are check ins that are fully focused on you, how you are finding the journey and gives us a regular space to make small and manageable adjustments. This can make all the difference. 

  • You will not receive an updated plan after these calls, but we will make small adjustments as and when we need to to best suit you.

Frequently asked questions

Why are all the packages 12 weeks long?

Health journeys often take months to start to see true change and results. 12 weeks allows us ample time to form healthy, sustainable habits, rebalance any nutrient deficiencies or insufficiencies and dig deep to find the root cause of the imbalance in the first place. 12 weeks also gives us time to get to know each other and for me to support you in the best way that I can.

What support will I have in between appointments?

I will be available via email for any quick queries you may have. There is always the option to add on a 30 minute check in call between appointments if you need extra support, however, these are in addition to your package.

Do I get any added extras?

All clients will receive a tailor made recipe book/meal plan along will any relevant handouts that I have created over my time in practice. Although supplements and functional testing are added expenses, every client will receive a 10% discount on all supplements and herbal support as well as any other discounts that are applicable to you. 

What happens next?


Book your free 30 minute discovery call with me so that we can assess which option is the best for you and your health goals


Book your first consultation date & fill in your intake forms as well as your 7 day food diary


Have your first 60 minute consultation & receive your tailored made Nutrition & Lifestyle plan


Regular check in calls or follow up appointments to reassess, support & solidify sustainable changes

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