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I am Joy; a certified, Belfast based Nutritional Therapist who specialises in skin health, gut health, and weight management. I consult with my clients both online and in person at a local clinic. 


I am passionate to not just ease your current symptoms, but to dig deep, discovering the root cause of the imbalance and rectifying it, leaving you with long lasting health. I am determined to see you succeed in your health and increase your quality of life through one-on-one sessions  which will equip, educate and encourage you.

The internet can be a confusing place, so let me help put your mind at rest. I studied extensively for 3 years in Nutritional Medicine and Biomedicine. I am a registered Nutritional Therapist with governing bodies BANT and CNHC which require me to continue my post graduate studies by frequently taking part in further training in the most relevant nutritional science updates. My experience in health care spans over 10 years to which my passion to see my clients live without chronic illness has never been greater. 

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My Story

No ones health journey is a straight road, and I am no exception. With personal experiences in weight management, gut health and skin health, my journey spans most of my life. 

Sick of yo-yo dieting? I've been there. From being an overweight child, to a yo-yo dieting teen and being consumed by diet culture but with very few results (apart from feeling deprived and miserable) I am now the happiest, healthiest and most balanced I have ever been. Food is no longer full of fear. Instead I teach clients how they can lose weight without making themselves miserable. I educate them how to make sustainable, easy changes that bring incredible results whilst making the body stronger, happier and healthier. 

Embarrassed by your skin? I've been there. From Eczema, to Rosacea, and Ichthyosis Vulgaris and everything in between I understand the feeling of wanting to hide your skin from everyone. My skin is now healed, not inflamed, not itchy and hydrated. I work closely with my clients to not solely suppress their skin conditions, but to heal them from the inside out, allowing them to be confident, and kiss the steroid creams goodbye. The skin is always a reflection of what is happening within. 

Tired of feeling bloated? Stomach Pain? Constipated? You've guessed it, I've been there. Our gut health is the truest reflection of the rest of our health. I work with my clients to understand exactly what is going on in their gut and how best we can rebalance, rebuild and transform their gut health, providing them with the keys to long lasting good health. 

Ready to start transforming your health? Book in for your free Discovery Call with me today! 

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Looking to get in touch with me? Please use the email address provided and I will get back to you. 


I look forward to hearing from you!