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Healthy Food

Initial Consultation
- £120

Who Is This Consultation Perfect For?

This initial consultation is a great starting point in your health journey! 

Even though this will be one session, it will help you to understand how achievable your health goals are, how your body is working, how you handle stress, your sleep habits, eating habits and so much more. 

During this hour consultation we will discuss your goals, symptoms, body systems and unpack the plan that I have created for you.

It will equip you to start to make some profound and potentially life changing changes to your diet and lifestyle, seeing an increase in energy, quality of life, and passion for your own health.


I would however suggest that if you have recently received a diagnoses or are experiencing chronic illness and need on-going support, have a look at my packages, as they may be better suited. 

After about 6 weeks we'll arrange a follow up appointment to discuss what you have loved/struggled with and update your protocol to suit you. 

What This Consultation Includes?

- An intake questionnaire allowing you to detail everything you would like to work on

- A 7 day diet-diary template for you to fill in

- A 1 hour initial consultation over Zoom

- A personalised Nutrition plan

- Specific tried & tested lifestyle & supplementation recommendations

- A personalised selection of recipes & handouts to really help you get going!

- Access to my personal client portal where you will find all relevant details, forms, extra courses and more

- Functional testing assessment and test recommendations (tests not included in price)

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Healthy Food

Initial Consultation

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