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 Healthy Fruit Salad

Diet Diary
Consultation & 7 day meal plan 
- £75

Who this package is perfect for!

This package is perfect for anyone who wants to dip their toe in Nutritional Therapy or who is a bit stuck and needs someone to glance over what they are eating. Maybe you're in the 'am I eating the right things?' category, or the 'I want to boost my immunity, I wonder what I should be eating to do that' group, or the ' I have heard that what I eat could actually improve my skin, but where do I start?' group. I am here to help you find answers to these questions!

No one knows better than I how easy it is to get stuck in a repetitive eating rut than me and on a recent survey I did on my instagram, 100% of those who answered felt the is so easy to just eat the same things over and over again. This package is ideal for mixing up that boring meal plan, to get new perspective and try some new cuisines!


Maybe you are new to this and just have no idea where to start, or want to know just how much better you will feel after changing just a few key things in your diet.


This one-off package is a wonderful way to make some incredible changes to your health and wellbeing without initially committing to a longer package. 

I am so happy to have you and look forward to chatting with you! 

What this package includes:

- A 7 day diet diary template & a short questionnaire for you to fill in giving me a full idea of what style of cook you are and any likes or dislikes

- A 30 minute phone call with me where I will unpack key dietary recommendations after reviewing your diet diary

- A downloadable version of your new & improved 7 day meal plan!

- A personalised shopping list & handouts to really help you get going!

*Please note that this package does not include a full Nutrition Plan. I will have very beneficial recommendations for you that will really get the ball rolling, but if you are looking for a Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan please refer to my packages or initial consultation. Thanks!

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 Healthy Fruit Salad

Diet Diary

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