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Corporate Wellness

Recent research states that chronic stress accounts for about 75% of all doctors visits. Health in the workplace has never been more pertinent. Continuous, unmanaged stress leads to reduced capacity, low energy, lack of concentration and diminished work ethic. I can help you curb this effect as well as equipping your employees up with the tools they need to strengthen and enrich their health & wellbeing.

Your employees are your most valuable asset - so how can I best support them, you & your business?

1:1 Drop in Clinic

Everyones health journey is different and what may be relevant for one employee could be irrelevant for another. I will work 1:1 with each individual to identify and address their personal symptoms & issues.

Engaging Educational talks & Seminars

Choose from a range of relevant and interactive talks that will equip and educate, that will empower employees to start making small but transformative changes in their own lives. 

Physical and psychological stress reduction

Chronic stress accounts for about 75% of all doctors visits and often times the small changes make all the difference. I will educate your employees in how to make transformative and manageable changes in both their diet and lifestyle that automatically see a reduction in stress. 

Interactive Group Workshops

Engaging 60 minute workshops on a variety of relatable subjects. They will equip your employees with rememberable nutrition keys that can be utilised by anyone, even those who never be caught dead with kale in their shopping trolleys. 

Customized health and wellness improvement plans

Individual health plans are the surest way to secure long-term health improvements for your employees. They are bespoke, fully customised to the individual, based around their specific needs and goals.

Emotional support and encouragement

With over 10 years experience in public relations and working closely with clients, I am familiar in supporting others, regardless of circumstance or condition. I take pride in being able to support my clients, giving them proper guidance and reassurance as well as encouragement. 

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