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Meet Joy
CNMdip with distinction, mBANT, mCNHC

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

Welcome to Joy Fuelled Nutrition, I am so happy to have you here!


I am a certified Nutritional Consultant, and I am here to help you transform your health like never before. 

I specialise in gut & skin health but also have keen interests and personal experiences in other areas such as thyroid and weight management. 


I am committed to you, making myself available to make sure you are supported, understood and can weather anything life throws at you.


I am invested in seeing you reach your long-term health goals, digging deep and using functional testing to find the root cause of illness and imbalance, rather than solely treating the presenting symptoms, although that is a bonus.


My main aim is to fuel your health and wellbeing through manageable dietary and lifestyle changes, helping you find a new passion and joy for your health (just as I have), that will create room for wholeness. I also will endeavour to educate, equip and support you, helping you to make sustainable changes and know why you want to make them. 

Are you wanting to transform your health or quality of well being?

Are you tired of your skin being red and itchy, feeling tired or sore?

Do you have a diagnosis or symptoms you want help and advice with?

Are you just interested to know more?

You have definitely come to the right place! 

Looking forward to hearing from you, 



What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic discipline, which looks at the body as a whole and all of the different systems within it. I look for the root cause of symptoms, not unlike a detective, enabling me to treat what is causing your body to be out of balance rather than just treating your symptoms.

Gut Health

SIBO, IBS, IBD, Crohns, Diverticulitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Acid Reflux

Our microbiome is composed of trillions of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and microbes that live in and on our bodies. These bacteria have the most incredible ability to impact and dictate what happens in our bodies, both in health and in disease. 


If I were to start to explain all the ways your microbiome affects your health, we would be here for a very long time. Just know that whatever goes on in your gut has a very profound and potent effect on your health and wellbeing. 


Your gut is the gateway to breakthroughs in your health. 


In my clinic I look for inflammation, dysbiosis, parasite/yeast infection, malabsorption, as well as evaluating specific bacteria strains living in our intestinal microbiome that may point to vital imbalances that cause issues not only in the present but also the future. 


Oftentimes, when our gut health is supported and rebalanced, you see the most incredible changes in your overall health and wellbeing. 


I have seen IBS resolved, frustrating symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and pain cease or greatly decrease. 


Gut health has also been closely linked to skin issues, autoimmune disease, mental health problems, chronic fatigue/pain and thyroid imbalances.

Eczema, Acne, Dermatitis, Ichthyosis Vulgaris, Psoriasis, Rosacea

Skin Health
Autoimmune Disease

Hashimoto's, Type 1 Diabetes, MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis etc

Over 70% of our Immune Systems are housed in our gut. 


Therefore if we have: 

  • inflammation in our gut

  • a compromised gut lining (leaky gut)

  • parasites

  • unbalanced bacteria

  • pathogenic (or disease causing) bacteria

  • overgrowths of yeasts such as Candida

  • not enough good bacteria

All these things greatly weaken and confuse our Immune system


Autoimmune diseases occur when our natural Immune System becomes confused and fails to recognize which cells are ours and which are foreign. They then attack our own body's cells thinking they are invaders and kill them = disease. 


Our diet is also vital in preventing the progression of autoimmunity, as what we eat directly affects our microbiome, our gut health and therefore our Immune Systems. 


Did you know Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is statistically the most common autoimmune disease but yet it is taken the least seriously? 


Or that those with Type 1 Diabetes are 6 times more likely to experience moderate to severe anxiety symptoms at some point throughout their Type 1 Diabetes journey?


I am in the business of changing lives, I am ready to take your health seriously if you are.

What happens on our skin is a direct reflection of what is going inside our bodies. 


Skin issues have more to do with our gut, diet, lifestyle and environment than anything else. Looking to discover breakthroughs in your skin? It’s time to look on the inside. 


Did you know that your skin has its own microbiome? Our microbiome plays a vital role in 

a wide variety of skin disorders. Not only is our skin microbiome altered, but also most skin diseases are accompanied by an unbalanced gut microbiome. 


Over 70% of our Immune Systems are located in our gut microbiome and therefore if there is dysbiosis (unbalanced bacteria) in the skin and/or gut microbiome, this alters our immune response, promoting the development of skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, dandruff, and even skin cancer. 


So when were you last asked about your gut health at a skin checkup?


I have seen incredible breakthroughs in Eczema, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Acne and Psoriasis. As someone who has sensitive and eczema prone skin themselves, I can understand the frustration and debilitation of skin issues. 


I am ready for your transformation if you are.



"I had been suffering with Perioral Dermatitis for months. I had unsuccessfully tried every cream and steroid cream from my GP, they just made things even worse. I was so unhappy with being literally faced with this problem every day and I couldn’t even wear makeup to cover it up. After talking to Joy, I implemented some simple tweaks of diet and supplements and a few months later my skin has never been clearer!"

— Zoe, Oxford


My fees reflect the dedication to my clients. They cover the preparation for your appointment, research and making sure that your plan is as tailored to you as it possibly could be. I work alongside my clients, making sure they stay motivated and on track no matter what life throws at them. I pride myself in making safe, effective and reliable recommendations to best equip you to make sustainable changes. 

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Healthy Food

Initial Consultation

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Organic Vegetables

6 Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Package


3 Month Nutrition & Lifestyle Package

Green Goodness

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The Ulster Tatler

I had the privilege of being featured in The Ulster Tatler's September Edition

I love sharing about why I became a Nutritional Therapist, what difference it can make in your life and some of the most incredible testimonies from my clients!

You can read the full article here, enjoy!

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