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3 month (12 sessions) Nutrition, Lifestyle & Coaching Package
- £775

*Paid for in instalments

Who Is This Plan Perfect For? 

This package is designed for those who feel as though they need a little more time to really achieve the results they are looking for, need support for a slightly longer period of time or who really want to commit to the beginnings of a transformation. 

It can often take 3 months to start see significant changes in your health (although the benefits start affecting your cells nearly overnight) and really see the true benefits of all the strides you are taking! I would recommend this package to anyone who has a chronic illness or symptom that they want to address, have a special occasion coming up that they want to feel healthier/happier for or who feel frustrated with not finding the root of what is causing their symptoms.

The 3 months gives us more time together, more time to dive deeper, more time to find what works/doesn't work for you and more time to restore balance to your bodies systems! 

During consultations, I may recommend specific supplements or functional testing that are designed to further your health. These will all be discussed as they are additional costs.  

This package can also be paid for in instalments. 

I so look forward to working with you, 


What Does This Plan Include?

- An intake questionnaire allowing you to detail everything you would like to work on

- A 7 day diet diary template to be filled in weekly

- A 1 hour initial consultation over Zoom

- A 1 hour follow up consultation over Zoom (chosen whenever you would like within the 12 sessions)

- 10 x 30 minute weekly check in phone calls

- A personalised Nutrition plan

- Specific tried & tested lifestyle & supplementation recommendations

- Downloadable tailor made recipe books specific to your protocol

- Unlimited messaging access to me through my ‘Practice Better’ Client Portal (I will reply within 24 hours)

- Weekly food diary analysis, support and feedback

- Access to my personal client portal where you will find all relevant details, forms, extra courses and more

- Functional testing assessment and test recommendations (tests not included in price)

Phone on Desk

15 Free Meet & Greet


3 Month Nutrition & Lifestyle Package

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